Winfield Church of Christ
Sunday Newsletter

                                     Let's Get Excited!

"LORD HELP US TO GET EXCITED ABOUT YOUR CAUSE " a young man said in his dismissal prayer. It struck me as most appropriate. Our crying need is for someone to fill us with enthusiasm for Christ, For the Church, and for sharing the good news with others. We need to get really excited!

WHY NOT! Unexcited football players would be boring to watch. All the successful salesmen I ever know were quite excited over their product and that's why they were able to excite their prospects and make sales. We get excited over things that aren't half as important. Why not get thoroughly aroused by the most deadly of all diseases, and by the only cure for all the world's ills.

CHRIST DEMANDED ENTHUSIAM. He threatened to spew out the lukewarm member (Rev. 3:16). When Jesus cleansed the temple, His disciples were so impressed by His zeal that they remembered the prophecy: "Zeal for thine house hath eaten me up." Paul tells us to emulate Jesus by being "fervent in spirit".

Did you ever watch a blacksmith as he stirred up his fire? Each time he wanted to change the shape of a horseshow or some other piece of metal. He would have to pump the bellows and poke the coals until the fires that had nearly gone out were blazing again. The metal would not yield to his will until the fires in his forge were stirred to a white heat. We may know a great deal of Bible and be morally good, but we need someone to "pump the bellows and stir up the coals" so we may talk enthusiastically about the kingdom of God. Your enthusiasm will rub off on others and God will bless you and more of it than ever.

                                                                              M. Norval Young